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A progressive design was created to offer you transparency and control. It presents a simple view into your account activity with links to drill down deeper into your data. Plus, it is easily customizable to meet your specific needs.
Achieve more control and significant savings with a cloud-based routing system that enables a bi-directional flow of information, not just a static document. It's supported by our reliable compliance program that substantiates your savings and an action plan to correct those not abiding by the routing. The most undemanding way to reduce costs and improve control.
An innovative solution that provides accurate transit times, up-to-date insurance coverage and competitive pricing from carriers you know and trust – all on one screen. Save quotes with ease, schedule pickups with a few mouse clicks and effortlessly create Bills of Lading.
Our advanced system keeps you up to date on the status of all your shipments, regardless of carrier, utilizing one efficient website. With intuitive ways to search for shipments, it allows your company's customer service to go from reactive to proactive.
Uncomplicate your claims process by eliminating the cumbersome manual method of management. EasyFreight streamlines the process and removes complexities related to shortage and damage. We'll actively manage the tasks and give you the means to view the status of all claims at your convenience.
One simplified bill, accurately coded the way you want it, easily accessible online. No more spending unnecessary time searching for backup, weight certificates or delivery receipts. Regardless of the number of carriers, shipping locations or general ledger codes, we'll make billing painless.
You'll have greater insight into your supply chain and operations with our robust reporting. Export your data for deeper analysis, gaining a clearer view than ever before on how your transportation is being managed.
Create multiple unique locations and a wide array of users all under one secure account. Detailed address books and correct commodity books will enable you to get the precise price quickly.
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